Proposal Submission

Applicants should submit BITA proposals before the deadline date published on the web site in order to be considered for further processing.

  1. The application forms are available here.

  2. Complete the BITA application form with all the fields completed correctly as per the instructions provided. Your application may not be considered for BITA if any of the essential information is left out.

  3. It is useful to have all required information readily available as you fill out the form.  This includes the following:

  • Corresponding contact information

  • Current Education/Employment status

  • Previous work, education, information

Proposal Submission:

The registration process is through Easy Chair where you are required to create a user Login and submit the following:

  1. The completed application form

  2. Résumé or Curriculum Vitae of the corresponding contact.

Evaluation Steps:

  1. All applications will be evaluated through both local and external evaluators and the shortlisted proposals are to be notified on the dates mentioned on the webpage*.

  2. All shortlisted proposals are required to submit

    • A certificate of studentship signed by their respective Head of Department or Institute or scanned copy of the student ID card.

    • Employment certificate from a company registered in Pakistan.

    • Employment certificate signed by their respective Head of Department or Institute.

  3. The shortlisted projects are required to present their proposals before a panel of Judges in order to ascertain the best idea within each category**.

*BITA is not liable to provide the reviews of the evaluators to the applicants.

**BITA reserves the right to award in any category only if the quality of the projects submitted meets the required standards.